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Partner with CloudPayroll

Offer a Customized Payroll Solution for Your Customers

When you offer payroll, you are strengthening your relationship with your customers. However, payroll is a complex business requiring high start-up costs and expert resources solely dedicated to the product offering.

We partner with companies to provide a customized, best-in-class payroll program. Whether you want to enhance the value of your franchise offering, integrate to a payroll platform, or increase your revenue stream, look into the CloudPayroll Partnership Program. We rise to meet your ever-changing challenges.


Offer a value-added service to your franchisees and help them stay in compliance with all labor and tax regulations. Focus on growing your franchise network and leave payroll to CloudPayroll.


Sell your brand or a white label solution. We offer different levels of support and customer solutions from self-service to full-service with expert help always available.

Integration Partners

Our API platform is well-documented and easy to use. An integrated payroll system saves time and improves quality. Focus your development efforts on your industry and let us focus on payroll and tax.

Powered by Cloud

Our Servicing Centers provide a great experience for customers with innovative tools, hand-on service and fresh thinking. Each Center, in different locations, are supported by the centralized resources, advanced software and expertise of CloudPayroll.

Our Centers offer solutions in payroll, taxes, human resources, time and labor management and automation tools, combined with localized, personalized service. With a CloudPayroll Center, you can provide your customers easy-to-use, intuitive online tools, powered by Cloud.

Southwestern Payroll

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