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Lawrenceville Plasma Physics

Eric J. Lerner President

Larecneville Plasma Physics, founded in 1974, is an advanced research, consulting and communication firm specializing in applications of plasma physics, especially fusion power.

Our main research projects since 1987 has been the development of a dense plasma focus(DPF) fusion reactor, using proton-boron (pB11) fuel. In the course of this project, LPP has:

  • Developed a detailed theory of function of DPF.
  • Designed experiments to test theory of heating in DPF. Designed electrodes, experimental plan, participated in carrying out experiment, analyzed data. Experiment carried out at University of Illinois 1994-95, funded by Jet Propulsion Laboratory,NASA.
  • Designed experiment to test hypothesis that Dense Plasma Focus could achieve temperatures needed for proton-boron fusion. Developed theoretical model, designed electrodes, designed diagnostic equipment, including x-ray detector and filters, Rogowski coil. Actively participated in experiment including selection of experimental parameters, construction of heating apparatus for decaborane functioning. Analyzed resulting data. Demonstrated achievement of 200keV energies (equivalent to 2 billion K). Experiment carried out 2001 at Texas AM University, funded by Jet Propulsion laboratory, NASA.
  • Developed theory of intense magnetic field effects that show the feasibility of proton-boron fusion.
  • Other projects have included the research on Atomizing Desalination Process, an economical alternative to current methods of desalination.
  • LPP also provides consulting services and generation of technical documents

    For further information on our projects and investment opportunities, see our Business Plan (Word Doc)
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