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CloudTax Outsourcing

Comprehensive Payroll Tax Filing, Payment & Compliance for Payroll Providers

As payroll service providers grow their client base, payroll taxes become more complex and burdensome. One of many challenges is having the right team with the right tax knowledge in place.

Payroll services can struggle finding the time and money to hire and train people to deal with the increasing complexity of payroll tax. This can expose the service bureau and its clients to penalties and interest for tax non-compliance. And the time spent on taxes means less time for sales and service.

CloudTax is a national payroll tax processing service for payroll providers. Our tax team is fully bonded and insured. We process payroll taxes in all 50 states and US territories and ensure compliance with all Federal, State and Local tax authorities.

CloudTax offers payroll service bureaus the benefits of a full tax team in a much more affordable way. Our team helps service bureaus manage the growing complexity of payroll tax administration and reconciliation without sacrificing control and flexibility.

How It Works

Submit your payroll tax data files through our cloud-based portal. Our tax team will file and pay all federal, state and local taxes so your client payroll taxes are filed and paid on time, every time. We also handle all year-end processing for payroll taxes. Your tax dashboard provides a total view of all tax liabilities, transactions, deposits and notices.

CloudTax can help you eliminate exposure to the costly penalties and interest associated with payroll tax non-compliance – and allows you to focus on growing your business.

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